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You CAN afford Chiropractic treatment!
We live with the same reality as you: bills to pay. We too appreciate good value. We try to be as flexible as possible, and work with any reasonable health plan. Many of our patients do not have insurance coverage or a health plan, so we keep our cash rates low for those who pay at the time of service.

Automobile accidents
We treat patients who have been involved in accidents, where the coverage is under state of Massachusetts insurance and regulations. We will deal directly with the insurance company, or with your attorney, if you have one involved in your case. (Some out of state accidents or insurance coverage is problematic, and may require special arrangements).
Injured on the job?
We will work directly with the workers compensation insurance carrier, or your employer, if you have been injured on the job, and it has been properly reported. In some cases the claim becomes complicated or drawn out over a long time period, or an attorney is working on it for you; special arrangements may be neccessary in these cases.
Cash paying patients
Many of our patients pay for chiropractic treatment out of their own pocket. Chiropractic care is a great value for the dollar, and can save alot of expense in copayments for other, less effective, care, or in lost work time. We always provide the care that is needed at a reasonable fee. A cash rate is allowed when payment is made at the time of service.
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